Author: Sarah Jensen

Late Night Thoughts

Illustration by Sarah Jensen It’s a silent, exhausted kind of happy. The drunken current in your head making everything too dim to hear The clarity when you look up at her, the simplicity of “here she is, I love her.”   Her nose and cheeks are pink as roses, eyes bright from lacking sleep Soft […]

React: An Artistic Platform for Political Expression

Illustration featured in “React: An Artistic Platform for Political Expression” React: An Artistic Platform for Political Expression, an art exhibit curated by Alyssa Dorn, Doreen Etaat, and Louie Greenwald, stood on display in the Powell Rotunda from March 6th to March 11th. The trio formed the exhibit for Honors Collegium 179M: History of Art as […]


Original Sonnet and Illustration by Sarah Jensen     One night while I was sound asleep in bed Your grace and kindness slipped into my dream, And though these thoughts of you so pain my head, I know my love is more than it may seem. In sleep your gentle arms have held me close, […]