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Late Night Thoughts

Illustration by Sarah Jensen

It’s a silent, exhausted kind of happy.

The drunken current in your head making everything too dim to hear

The clarity when you look up at her, the simplicity of “here she is, I love her.”


Her nose and cheeks are pink as roses, eyes bright from lacking sleep

Soft brown hair sticks in curls to her tired face

She’s gazing off, blinking heavily and swaying a little in melancholy 1 am thought


It’s a spinning, guilty kind of happy

Both of you hanging on to consciousness by a thread

Her beauty in full shine…


You fight to stay awake so she will not walk around the table and read your heart


Go to sleep, you think to her.

Lay your head down, and I will be the artist who paints you and the knight who protects you.

When the time comes I will wake you, and we will make our groggy way home. 


It’s a peaceful, in-love kind of happy.

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Sarah Jensen is an Undeclared – Engineering major in her first year at UCLA. She enjoys Pentatonix, John Keats, and Miraculous Ladybug, and writes (clean) Pokemon fanfiction in her spare time.

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