Shaanth Kodialam (They/Them)
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Shaanth Kodialam (they/them) is a queer, South Asian writer working with UCLA Student Media, including OutWrite, but also the Enterprise section at DailyBruin. They're a first-year whose interests include Geography, Environmental Studies, and Communications. Their lived experiences at the intersection of being South Asian and queer form the backbone for their politics and advocacy inside and outside of the queer community.

Rejecting ‘Born this Way’: Critiques of an Intrinsic Queerness

Graphic compiled by Zoë Collins (she/her)Photos taken by Hans Beimler As queer people, there are narratives and talking points that define our humanity from day one. Our rights to live, love, and thrive are considered up for debate. We are…

What Does the Recent Supreme Court Gutting of Roe v. Wade With Texas’s Abortion Law Mean for Queer Rights?

Image from C-SPAN footage The United States Supreme Court has long been the focal point of political battles and tensions. The failed appointment of Robert Bork under former President Ronald Reagan served as the spark for a common practice known…