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The “Truancy Ticket Law” and Why It Matters to Queer Youth

If you went to high school in Los Angeles you have heard of LAMC 45.04 a.k.a the “truancy ticket law”. Under this municipal code, any high school student not in class after the first bell is subject to ticketing with fines of at least to $250. Basically, running late is a crime for students. More often than not the kids getting ticketed are on their way to class. Also the vast majority of tickets are given to black and brown youth, in disenfranchised, inner city public schools.

Cathy Opie: Geography Becomes Identity

Monday, Jan. 23: UCLA Architecture and Urban Design presented Cathy Opie to speak. See a slideshow of some of Opie’s work here: Cathy Opie’s lecture came to me as a surprise. As an admirer of Opie’s portraiture, in particular her portraiture of queer people around the U.S., I was really surprised to see her […]

Gay Men Need Diapers: WTF?

Wooden: Gay Men Need Diapers A bible-thumping pastor from the South said something homophobic this week.  Big surprise.  But go ahead, watch the whole video and and feel gag at the outrgeousness (or, if you”re a cynic like me, chuckle a bit). Patrick Wood spewed a real gem in an interview with Peter LaBarbera, the founder […]

Queer Your Reading List: The Well of Loneliness

Women getting it on. With each other.

Even today, this premise strikes a chord with audiences. Imagine in 1928, when The Well of Loneliness was first published in England and America. Obscenity trials tried to ban the novel. Still the book sold 100,000 copies in its first year on the shelves. The Well was one of the first lesbian novels ever published, written by Radclyffe Hall, an English author and gay lady. The novel tells the story of Stephen Gordon, an English woman living at the turn of the century discovering and coming to terms with her sexuality.

NCOW: The Big Gay Sketch

The best way to end a week of heartwrenching emotions: by clutching your sides and roaring with laughter.  The closing act of the National Coming Out Week extravaganza was the Big Gay Sketch by LOGO”S Julie Goldman and Jonny McGovern last Friday night. McGovern opened the event with his characteristic high energy and a refreshing, […]