illustration of three athletes doing their sports in rainbow outfits
15 Queer Athletes to Watch in 2023

In light of the negative sentiment toward transgender athletes, I’ve found there isn’t enough coverage of queer and trans athletes that celebrates their accomplishments. In honor of the 2024 Paris Olympics slogan “Games wide open,” I’ve compiled a list of 15 queer athletes who are excelling in their sport, competing in the 2024 Paris games, or both. 

photo of Cuee
A Review of “Proud Boi”: Celebrating Black Trans Joy

In February of this year, I had the pleasure of interviewing Black trans rapper Cuee. We discussed his career, future hopes, and musical and transitional journeys, but one aspect of our interview particularly inspired me: his emphasis on joy. Despite the darkness the transgender community faces, Cuee stated, “I want people to hear my story…and be like, ‘Okay, there’s the joy.’” His music has certainly achieved this goal — joy is present throughout his discography, and he has once again musically embodied trans happiness in his latest single, “Proud Boi.” 

illustration of ron deSantis stepping on a child while holding a save the children sign
Think of the (Straight) Children

In 1977, orange juice spokeswoman Anita Bryant campaigned against a new anti-discrimination law protecting gay men and lesbians in Dade County, Florida. She had it overturned and riding on the wave of this success, started Save Our Children, the United States’ first national anti gay group.

Stop Dan Savage: Your LGBT “Activist” is Actually a Bigot

Asexual people should stay at home. Bisexual people are not worth trying to settle down with. Sh*male. Tr*nny. These are all things said by renown activist Dan Savage. Dan Savage is a well-known gay man in the queer community. He…

Racism and Sexism: Not the Tale of Generations Past

Photo originally taken by the Center for American Progress Action Fund Though election season this year, as ever, focused largely on the question of the presidency, it was in the matter of Congress that America bore witness to several surprising…

UCLA Spotlight: Women’s Bodies, Women’s Votes, With Gloria Steinem

Photo by Gage Skidmore/Flickr On October 7, 2012, Gloria Steinem came to UCLA to offer a lecture called “Women’s Bodies, Women’s Votes,” and, amidst the crowded hall in Broad (one which she would comment later as disliking—as she does many…

Viral on Twitter, But Are the Polls Immune?: A Response to Obama’s Endorsement of Same-Sex Marriage

On May 9th, 2012, President Obama made history. Or at the very least–he made Twitter history. In the first few hours after his statement of personal support for same-sex marriage, Obama’s official same-sex marriage endorsement tweet, which read “Same-sex couples should be able to get married” was retweeted a whopping 50,000 times! To get some perspective on this number, it is approximately half as many tweets as the number banked by the most retweeted post of all time: a promotional tweet by the esteemed Wendy’s restaurant in June of last year.

Obama and the Great Gay Marriage Flip-Flop

Photo via Pixabay Ahh, the Republican Primary – what a thrill it has been to watch that hot, sticky mess play out. And while Mitt Romney has emerged as the likely nominee, he hasn’t exactly come out clean. Observers across…

Ally Week Update

The second annual Ally Week began this year with a presentation on athlete allyship by Hudson Taylor, a wrestling coach at Columbia University.  Though raised in a staunchly religious household, Taylor’s experiences in college shifted his perspectives on the LGBT…

Acting White: What’s Feminism and Queer Theory Got to Do with It?

As someone who often has questions about what it means to be a queer feminist of color surrounded by whiteness, I immediately saw this lecture to be of particular importance. While the very act of having this conversation is more…