photo of Shilpa Rao, a brown woman standing in a forest of metal spikes
Queer Next Up: SHILPA

SHILPA (she/her) is an independent musician from Los Angeles, California. She writes funk, neo-soul, and indie tunes, often touching on complex emotions and themes of growth and solitude. She recently released her debut single, a touching homage to her grandmother — this song features poetic, lyrical writing, and is the first project of many more to come.

illustration of three children surrounded by various pride flags and demons
Pedophilia Hysteria: How Did We Get Here?

To be frank, conservatives across the country are going hysterical. Far-right Republicans have co-opted the term “family-friendly” into a sensationalized rallying cry for concerned conservative parents. The purported link between pedophilia and queerness has created an uptick of anti-gay and anti-trans legislation that one NPR article even referred to as a “cascade.”

Gay Men Need Diapers: WTF?

Wooden: Gay Men Need Diapers A bible-thumping pastor from the South said something homophobic this week.  Big surprise.  But go ahead, watch the whole video and and feel gag at the outrgeousness (or, if you”re a cynic like me, chuckle a…

“It was a choice for me…” Uh oh.

People have had plenty to say about this, ranging from the confused to the horrified to the irate. And I get it. But I think it is actually Nixon who is confused, and may have used some words that didn’t accurately sum up her feelings.

What MLK Means To Me- A White Queer Male

“He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.” As I celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day yesterday,…

On Human Rights Day

December 10 is a special day for queer folks. Oh, wait, you didn’t know? No, it’s not the day where everything at Diesel is 80% off, nor does it signify three-for-one margaritas at Truck Stop. It’s not Madonna’s birthday, or…

Keep It to Yourself

Such was Rick Santorum’s response when Stephen Hill, an openly gay soldier asked him about his stance on DADT. Santorum, former Pennsylvania senator and the golden boy of social conservatives, delivered this gem during one of the recent Republican presidential…

“Lessons” from the Lawrence King trial: Reporters need “guidance,” too

In the wake of the mistrial of Brandon McInerny, who was witnessed by his classmates as he shot his classmate Lawrence King in the back of the head for flirting with him, the Los Angeles Times, the paper of record…

Bachmann Campaign Organizer Tied to Uganda “Kill The Gays” Movement

The Advocate reported this morning that a key Bachmann campaign operative, Peter Waldron, has spent extended periods of time in Uganda, and that he has close connections with Martin Ssempa, the leader of the congregation that has pushed the movement…