Gay Men Need Diapers: WTF?

A bible-thumping pastor from the South said something homophobic this week.  Big surprise.  But go ahead, watch the whole video and and feel gag at the outrgeousness (or, if you”re a cynic like me, chuckle a bit). Patrick Wood spewed a…

“It Was A Choice For Me…” Uh Oh.

People have had plenty to say about this, ranging from the confused to the horrified to the irate. And I get it. But I think it is actually Nixon who is confused, and may have used some words that didn’t accurately sum up her feelings.

One Moment, One Life: Alive

I’ve always said that New York winters were bone-chilling, but I never really knew what it meant to be left ravaged by the cold, with no place to seek asylum. I never knew what it meant to cower behind bushes in hopes of escaping even a fraction of the merciless winds.

Psych 137: A Lesson in Ignorance and Stereotypes

Walking into the most recent meeting, I was greeted by a surprising title slide projected in royal blue letters above my head: “Male or Female? Gay or Straight?” and the subtitle, “All of us are described by these two ‘binary’ factors.” When first reading this slide, I assumed there was some kind of mistake.

What MLK Means To Me, A White Queer Male

Photo by Wes Candela “He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.” As I celebrated Martin Luther…

“The Shit Girls Say To Gay Guys”: A Response

Glad to say “shit girls say to gay guys” does not apply to me.

Happily Ever After

It’s obvious, right away—though he wears a suit in the middle of a party of suits-wearing men, he cannot quite hide the length of the sleeves, which come up just a bit too far past his wrist, or that little stain almost tucked away on the inside of his collar. His posture is rigid, but unpracticed, and time and time again he has to force himself upright. It isn’t much, really—just a miniscule straightening of his shoulders, an upward jerk of his chin every few minutes. It might’ve been less noticeable if everyone else in the room hadn’t been doing that since midway through their terrible twos.


i can recall

the feeling of the carpet

under my boots

rooted to the ground

when you approached me

your eyes burning

and your gaze piercing

The Fool’s Hiatus Part 2: Jabberwocky Sword

While meditating on the best, most elegant way to segue into the second part of the most intense love story I’ve experienced in years, I realized I must first consider my target audience. Naturally, I decided to start with gratuitous…

The Fool’s Hiatus Part 1: Ginger Magic

A lot of you – well, at least my loyal readers (all five of you) might be wondering why I haven”t posted in the last few months. I will come clean and fess up. Firstly, I broke up with Terrence,…