Global Spotlight: China

Coming out is tough almost all around the world, but in China, it can constitute a major tragedy. When one man in northeast China told his parents he was gay, his father pulled a knife on him; one lesbian committed…

A Problem With Gossip

“Is he BI?” “Do you think she’s into girls?” “He has such a lisp—he must be gay.” We have reached a fascinating point in queer history in which peoples’ sexual orientations are often no longer hush-hush but rather the subject…

Spotlight on UCLA: The Williams Institute

Despite its compelling message, I feel that our queer generation has forgotten this message and instead succumbed to believing the stereotype that gay people are only in WeHo, San Francisco, and similar explicitly gay-friendly urban areas. The Williams Institute’s Census Snapshots of the United States and of each individual state reveal that there is much truth behind “we are everywhere” and that same-sex couples truly do reside in nearly every pocket of the country.

Viral on Twitter, But are the Polls Immune? A Response to Obama’s Endorsement of Same-Sex Marriage

On May 9th, 2012, President Obama made history. Or at the very least–he made Twitter history. In the first few hours after his statement of personal support for same-sex marriage, Obama’s official same-sex marriage endorsement tweet, which read “Same-sex couples should be able to get married” was retweeted a whopping 50,000 times! To get some perspective on this number, it is approximately half as many tweets as the number banked by the most retweeted post of all time: a promotional tweet by the esteemed Wendy’s restaurant in June of last year.

Queer Alliance’s Anti-Fashion Show

On Tuesday April 24th, Queer Alliance put on its 3rd annual Anti-Fashion Show, previously known as the Drag Fashion Show. It was held in Covel Commons, and it incorporated personal videos, spoken word, and fashion to create a memorable event…

Ally Week Update

The second annual Ally Week began this year with a presentation on athlete allyship by Hudson Taylor, a wrestling coach at Columbia University.  Though raised in a staunchly religious household, Taylor’s experiences in college shifted his perspectives on the LGBT…

Acting White. What’s Feminism and Queer Theory got to do with it?

As someone who often has questions about what it means to be a queer feminist of color surrounded by whiteness, I immediately saw this lecture to be of particular importance. While the very act of having this conversation is more…

Gender Expression in the EDM Community

The lights are pulsating, the bass is turned way up, and everyone around me is wearing arms full of beads and not much else. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’ve obviously never been to a rave.

Ga(y)mers: A Queer Look at the State of the Gaming Industry

I like my videogames, but I would like them a lot more if they would stop being so blatantly homophobic and heteronormative.

Silence = Death: Lessons in AIDS Activism

Over on Bruinwalk on a cold February day, at least three fundraisers are taking place. Most are for Dance Marathon, an event that enlists thousands of students to raise money to fight pediatric AIDS. They’re wearing colorful shirts and sporting…