Hypocrisy and Hot Chicks

Photo by Gage Skidmore/Flickr First, enjoy. You’re welcome. Now read these comments. Disappointed by FHM cover SantanaLover (8 posts)on October 05, 2011 at 06:35pmI really wish Naya hadn’t done this cover for a scummy lads mag :/ Yeah, I probabaly…

Dear Straight Boy in My English Class,

It’s true I sat down next to you, but you spoke to me first; you asked what shampoo I used. When you missed class, you asked me for my notes. And when I invited you over to review you spent…

Woman, as Defined by Corporate America

Advertisements are a powerful influence on society, whether we care to admit it or not. And furthermore, advertisements are a company’s interpretation of its customers’ lives, albeit with more enthusiasm and catchy jingles. This means that the commercials we see on TV and the billboards we see across Sunset Boulevard are often intended to mimic what that company thinks we, the general public, are- or if not that, what we want to be. This is why I get so angered when I see ads that treat women like cleaning robots or housewives that live to serve their incompetent husbands. But not all companies manage to push my feminist buttons. Some ads, and companies in particular, treat women like the multi-faceted people they are, either allowing them to drive fast cars or have high-level jobs. This is a short list of some of the commercials on TV stations today, and what message they are conveying to the commercial-watching public, for the empowered better or outdated and out-of-touch worse.

“Lessons” from the Lawrence King trial: Reporters Need “Guidance,” Too

In the wake of the mistrial of Brandon McInerney, who was witnessed by his classmates as he shot his classmate Lawrence King in the back of the head for flirting with him, the Los Angeles Times, the paper of record…

A Skirt Does Not Equal Damsel in Distress

The words “feminism” and “femininity” are only a few letters away from the same. Some people, however, force these two words to live in feuding worlds, as if someone cannot be feminine and a feminist, a person who truly believes in gender equality. This is, first of all, completely untrue, and second of all, the fact that so many people insist that the concepts of femininity and feminism need to be spread apart is actually a lingering sexist view in today’s society.