Spotlight on UCLA: The Williams Institute

Despite its compelling message, I feel that our queer generation has forgotten this message and instead succumbed to believing the stereotype that gay people are only in WeHo, San Francisco, and similar explicitly gay-friendly urban areas. The Williams Institute’s Census Snapshots of the United States and of each individual state reveal that there is much truth behind “we are everywhere” and that same-sex couples truly do reside in nearly every pocket of the country.

Queer Alliance’s Anti-Fashion Show

On Tuesday April 24th, Queer Alliance put on its 3rd annual Anti-Fashion Show, previously known as the Drag Fashion Show. It was held in Covel Commons, and it incorporated personal videos, spoken word, and fashion to create a memorable event…

Ally Week Update

The second annual Ally Week began this year with a presentation on athlete allyship by Hudson Taylor, a wrestling coach at Columbia University.  Though raised in a staunchly religious household, Taylor’s experiences in college shifted his perspectives on the LGBT…