Creative Writing

Chubby Chaser Prom: A Reminiscence

I sit on my bed with my laptop, my back against the wall so nobody can see what I’m doing. The website I’m signing up for is called Adam4Adam. The margins are mosaics of gay porn links. Bareback Twinks. Broke…

Queer Pets: A Love Story

They are ‘making it work’ in a 2×4 foot enclosure in a drafty corner of a college apartment, with only shards of alfalfa and some stale pellets to eat, and a very full litter box, but love conquers all….

Not Good Like Us

Fight fight fight Kill kill kill They are the enemy Not good like us I am the teen lesbian Kicked out by my parents She is not my daughter Not good like us Nowhere to run Nowhere to hide No…

Cathy Opie: Geography Becomes Identity

Monday, Jan. 23: UCLA Architecture and Urban Design presented Cathy Opie to speak. See a slideshow of some of Opie’s work here. Cathy Opie’s lecture came to me as a surprise. As an admirer of Opie’s portraiture, in particular her…

Desperation is an Ugly Color.

Desperation is an ugly color on my bruised, aching skin. It’s a panel of screaming horrors driving away my fading illusion of comfort. “Take me! hold me! save me!” Me, me me, ignore all the others. Be my escape.

One Moment, One Life: Alive

I’ve always said that New York winters were bone-chilling, but I never really knew what it meant to be left ravaged by the cold, with no place to seek asylum. I never knew what it meant to cower behind bushes in hopes of escaping even a fraction of the merciless winds.

Happily Ever After

It’s obvious, right away—though he wears a suit in the middle of a party of suits-wearing men, he cannot quite hide the length of the sleeves, which come up just a bit too far past his wrist, or that little stain almost tucked away on the inside of his collar. His posture is rigid, but unpracticed, and time and time again he has to force himself upright. It isn’t much, really—just a miniscule straightening of his shoulders, an upward jerk of his chin every few minutes. It might’ve been less noticeable if everyone else in the room hadn’t been doing that since midway through their terrible twos.