Celebrating 25 Years of the Queer Magic of Janet Jackson’s “The Velvet Rope”

This October marked a quarter of a century since the release of Janet Jackson’s landmark sixth album, “The Velvet Rope.” Beyond just being the most ambitious and beautiful LP of Jackson’s career, “The Velvet Rope” was also the vital release where she fully embraced her status as a gay icon and LGBTQ+ ally.

The LGBTQ+ Acronym and Its Implications: An Analysis of The Genesis of LGBTQ2IA (Fall 2001)

Graphic Illustrated by Christopher Ikonomou (Xe/He) *This article is a modern analysis of the themes and content of “The Genesis of LGBTQ2IA” (Fall 2001), the first installment of our From The Archive series”* In “The Genesis of LGBTQ2IA,” there is…