Queer Joy: A Soundtrack

Queer yearning and trauma are common themes through many of pop’s greatest hits from “Sofia” by Clairo to “TALK ME DOWN” by Troye Sivan. But, queerness is not just struggle, sacrifice, and heartbreak. Queerness is bold, vibrant, and exciting. And, while it may be cathartic to sob along to songs alone in bed, sometimes we need music to remind us that queer joy exists. Here are ten songs by queer artists about the queer experience that radiate sunshine and serotonin.

Dirty Computer by Janelle Monáe: Album Review

Before discussing Janelle Monáe’s magnum opus, Dirty Computer, let’s go back to how the album came to be. 2016 went downhill when we elected Trump, and 2017 was another step down when he was inaugurated; however, in the wake of…