Childhood, Silliness, and Photo Albums: An Interview With Amelia Day on “Little One”

Despite being classically trained, Amelia Day doesn’t limit herself to just one genre of music; she dabbles in folk, jazz, soul, and indie alike. Her acoustic guitar combined with imagery like “maple street, matcha tea” and “I left your heart out to dry on a clothin’ line stretched across central time” creates a listening experience full of familiarity and warm, golden light. She splits her time between Nashville and Seattle and has generated a fanbase spanning the American South to the Pacific Northwest. 

Am I Queer Enough?

Graphic by Jade Lee. “Oh, you’ve never been to a GSA meeting?” my friend said to me as we sat in the hallway eating lunch. “That’s…interesting.”  I laughed at the judgment dripping from her tone. It was a typical kind…


Graphic by Mark Julien. CW: mentions of suicide, pejorative language Words have power.  They can bruise and they can cut.  Although you cannot see the scars on my skin they are there.  I have been carefully and skillfully cut and the…

Good Trouble: Positively Queer & Powerful

Graphic by Christopher Ikonomou   Following the series finale of The Fosters in June 2018, fans of the show were sad to see the Adams-Foster family leave Tuesday nights on Freeform, the television network previously named ABC Family. The Fosters…

Book Review: Keeping You A Secret by Julie Ann Peters

The first time I ever saw Julie Ann Peters’ Keeping You a Secret was at the foot of my mom’s bed, face up and daunting. The image on the cover might have inspired less wariness if my mother hadn’t already informed me of the contents of the book, because I knew the image was not simply indicative of two female characters. It was indicative of two female characters in love.