Apocalyptic Queer Rage: “The Last of Us” Redefines Queerness in Video Games 

The gaming community ten years ago was a toxic space for marginalized people, including the LGBTQ+ community. Video games in the early 2010s had minimal LGBTQ+ representation, and the scant representation that did exist portrayed LGBTQ+ people in an unpleasant light. The video games that were sympathetic to LGBTQ+ were few and far between and usually not considered triple-A games (a term for video games made by major video game publishers who have access to higher quality development and a larger budget).

Representation: Queerness and Butterfly Soup

Screenshot from Butterfly Soup, a visual novel created by Brianna Lei. Trigger Warning: mentions abusive parents (of one of the characters) Do you ever find yourself clinging to representation? As a queer Asian American individual, I often find myself doing…