Queer Next Up: Cuee

Cuee (he/him) is a 29-year-old Black trans recording artist from Chicago, IL, known best for his interactive and hype live performances. Cuee’s music style blends the lyrical confidence of Missy Elliot and Chance the Rapper with the undeniable swagger and finesse of LL Cool J. His debut single, “Shook,” was released in 2018 and has accumulated over 420,000 streams on Spotify.

Trans-fronted Indie Band Donating Binders Through Fundraising Festival

Photo by Finn Mulford The Blank Minds, a trans-fronted band from Los Angeles, just released their newest album “Becoming Him” on August 3rd. Blending genres such as alternative, indie-rock, and pop, this band uses their music to fight for queer representation…