This poem was originally published in our Spring 2022 print issue “Reflections of Radiance.”

we are
building a new life
painting a new life
writing a new life

i hate it that you know me

magician you don’t listen
all your tricks have worked on me
I’m in a hundred million pieces and we last spoke in my dreams
please lead me back inside the gardens where our lives and love have peaked


Artwork by Cole Lopez (They/Them) The morning my grandfather died             I slept. An ocean away I dreamt             that an angel leaned to kiss his cheek And I tried to push it away but instead              I screamed  My hands passing through…

Isolation Sucks

Isolation sucks! Isolation when I already have abandonment issues, it sucks! Living on the hill during the Spring Quarter is lonely, it sucks! I feel forgotten, it sucks! I need a hug, it sucks! SUCK! SUCK! SUCK! UCLA without my…


Graphic by Chris Ikonomou   Do you ever look at your reflection and have absolutely no fucking clue who the person is staring back at you?    Sometimes my reflection is a stranger Unfamiliar to me,  and the only thing…