Love At The End Of The World: A Review of “The Transient Bliss of Death by Fallout”

“Why am I so f****** AWKWARD?” “Alan, it’s not that bad,” you want to say to the dorky guy kicking a blow-up clown. “Pretty much everybody has a ‘Magic Tree House’ phase.”

Of course, you can’t say this because in this version of the world, you would have almost certainly perished in whatever cataclysm left Alan Alderman the last man alive. He now lives in his mother’s basement, explaining his circumstances to a tape recorder for posterity.

Finding Ourselves in the Outrageousness of “Revenge Song,” a Historical Comedy

L-R Beth Hawkes and Margaret Odette in Revenge Song: A Vampire Cowboys Creation. Directed by Robert Ross Parker. Photo credit: Jeff Lorch. Walking into the Geffen Playhouse, one is immediately absorbed by the deep purple hues lit throughout the lobby. I’m here…