Queerbaiting to Queer Couples: The Evolution of Queerness in 21st Century Media

2023 has truly been a great year for LGBTQ+ representation in media. From movies like “Bottoms” to TV shows like “Heartstopper” and “Good Omens,” we are living in the very recent development of what Them calls “a golden era for LGBTQ+ representation.”

Commitments to Queerness: A Review of Netflix’s “XO, Kitty”

“XO, Kitty,” the spinoff of Netflix’s “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before,” was released in May of this year with decent ratings; with a current Rotten Tomatoes score of 81% and an audience score of 58%, the show has started off on the right foot. That being said, with all the good aspects of the show, there are also bad ones. Let’s start with the good.

Queer Summer 2023 Favorites

Our OutWrite staff loves queer media! Here are some of our favorites from this summer:

Best of 2022: Staff Picks for Queer TV

Enjoy our staff’s recommendations for 15 queer TV shows and seasons released in 2022 (in no particular order) and where to watch!

The Evolution of Bisexuals on TV Told in 6 Shows

Co-Written by Judah C (They/Them) and Maya Parra (She/Her) If you are bisexual, more often than not, you have struggled in the world of dating, whether on bisexual dating apps or in the everyday world. People are quick to make…

Getting to Queer Joy in Media

Throughout the past century, media that portrays and represents queerness and queer relationships have changed for the better. When looking at earlier 20th-century queer works, the tone is rather drab, with an understanding that queerness isn’t allowed to be something that is happy or something that leads to happy ends.

An Exploration of Euphoria: S2E5 “Stand Still Like the Hummingbird”

Image from @euphoria on Instagram on @hbo This is the fifth article in our series: “An Exploration of Euphoria.” To catch up on what you might’ve missed, check out last week’s article here. This series comes out on Sundays at…

Best of 2021: Our Picks for Queer Film and Television

2021 saw a large increase in on-screen queer characters and nuanced queer stories, so we asked our staff for their favorite queer films and television from 2021, and they answered!  Our Picks for Television: Our Picks for Films:

Good Trouble: Positively Queer & Powerful

Graphic by Christopher Ikonomou   Following the series finale of The Fosters in June 2018, fans of the show were sad to see the Adams-Foster family leave Tuesday nights on Freeform, the television network previously named ABC Family. The Fosters…

Drag Race for Dummies: Kardashian The Musical

Hey Qweens! Thank god this episode starts with a read of Charlie Hides’ god fucking awful lip sync, because that was probably the worst lip sync effort I have ever seen on RPDR. Why’d she do that? I can only…