Dear Gay Uncle Joe: Why do I like straight-acting guys?

Dear Gay Uncle Joe, Why, even in our community of gay men, is there a hierarchy between feminine and masculine men? It seems that gay men who act masculine are generally higher up on the totem pole of attractiveness. Our…

Ga(y)mers: A Queer Look at the State of the Gaming Industry

I like my videogames, but I would like them a lot more if they would stop being so blatantly homophobic and heteronormative.


Like many in our community, I”ve been following the Republican presidential primary process with an ever-increasing amount of pure, unadulterated glee. As many have argued, the longer this circus goes on, and the zanier it gets, the better things look…

Book Review: Keeping You A Secret by Julie Ann Peters

The first time I ever saw Julie Ann Peters’ Keeping You a Secret was at the foot of my mom’s bed, face up and daunting. The image on the cover might have inspired less wariness if my mother hadn’t already informed me of the contents of the book, because I knew the image was not simply indicative of two female characters. It was indicative of two female characters in love.

Queer Your Reading List: The Well of Loneliness

Women getting it on. With each other.

Even today, this premise strikes a chord with audiences. Imagine in 1928, when The Well of Loneliness was first published in England and America. Obscenity trials tried to ban the novel. Still the book sold 100,000 copies in its first year on the shelves. The Well was one of the first lesbian novels ever published, written by Radclyffe Hall, an English author and gay lady. The novel tells the story of Stephen Gordon, an English woman living at the turn of the century discovering and coming to terms with her sexuality.

Eight Gay Cartoons You Grew Up With (and always knew about)

So we had the ladies last week, now it’s the guys’ turn. Call me biased but, while composing the girls’ list was fun from beginning to end, this list made me feel… nostalgic. All these guys mean a lot to…

Dear straight boy in my English class,

It’s true I sat down next to you, but you spoke to me first; you asked what shampoo I used. When you missed class, you asked me for my notes. And when I invited you over to review you spent…

Anderson Cooper and the Big Gay Elephant

Do you know who Anderson Cooper is? Yes, yes you do. Anderson Cooper is one of the most ubiquitous and well-respected journalists in America today. He reports live from war zones, natural disasters, and the front lines of revolutions, unafraid…